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Sleeping When You Woke Me

"Kate Hurley finds a way to ignore the easy route of glamour and fame and returns to the roots of 1960s and 70s rock music, and more importantly, the roots of an ageless faith. Her songs are equally thought provoking and emotional." -Indievision Music

Weak and Strong at the Same Time

"Kate Hurley has crafted an amazing expression of truth with her third CD release, "Weak and Strong at the Same Time." In poignant and vulnerable ways, she lets the listener in on the reality of her own struggles." -iTunes review

Sing Over Me

"This album takes her precious work to the next level, multiplying the power to our human souls. Be uplifted, guided, challenged, and captured."

-iTunes review

Now All Is Well

Kate's Christmas EP has beautifully reworked Christmas songs, both traditional and original. 

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