Kate's book Getting Naked Later: Making Sense of the Unexpected Single Life is about living life as a single when you had expected to be married sooner. Readers who enjoy a fun, thought-provoking read such as Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz will appreciate this book: part memoir, part encouragement, some of it hilarious, some of it touching and profound.


  • Frank Viola, Bestselling Author

    "I have to tell you. This book surprised me. It surprised me because it’s so incredibly well written. It contains gems . . . gems of humor and insight."

  • Simple Felicity Blog

    “I’ve found it (finally!) The best book on singleness. Ever.”

  • "Just so good.This is by far my favorite book on singlehood. There's a depth portrayed here that is rare. The book is written with an overall perspective of hope,& it is also REALLY funny... which helps immensely."

  • "What a great book. I laughed I cried & then I cried some more. I so appreciated her candidness. How refreshing and how healing to my heart."

  • Molly Paulson

    "Words fail in decribing the excellence of this book.  It is truly spectacular. It is an amazing combination of hilarious & profound. "

  • "So many authors writing on being single either gloss over the hard times or move toward complaint and bitterness. Kate avoids both extremes. She gives a much needed voice & validation to the hurt and loneliness of being single and shares her deepest desires with refreshing vulnerability & honesty."

  • Thomas F.

    "An insanely good book. I've read many books on singleness and can honestly say this is the best book I've ever read on the subject."