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My name is Kate Hurley. I am a singer songwriter, writer,  and teacher. I was a touring musician for 14 years and I have been teaching lessons for 4 years. I have played  and taught everywhere from castles in Germany to slum villages in India.


I am also a writer. My book is called Getting Naked Later: Making Sense of the Unexpected Single Life. It's about the joys and frustrations of being single longer than I expected to be.  I am working on a new book called Prodigal Mind about being a compassionate observer of our inner landscape.


Here are some of the things that I love:


-Dark chocolate, good cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and nut thins all on the same plate.


-Giving a hug to someone who is usually ignored.


-Being a good neighbor.


-Writing music that will get into people’s heads and bring a little more light in there.


-Traveling around the world and meeting beautiful people everywhere I go.


-Using my writing to help people feel like they are not alone.


-Seeing someone realize that there is something  beautiful inside of them when I am teaching them.


-Having meals with people I love and people I live with.


-Sticking quarters on my face. Lots of them.  It is seriously my best party trick.