Kate's book Cupid is a Procrastinator: Making Sense of the Unexpected Single Life is about living life as a single when you had expected to be married sooner. Readers who enjoy a fun, thought-provoking read such as Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz will appreciate this book: part memoir, part encouragement, some of it hilarious, some of it touching and profound.


Cupid is a Procrastor approaches hard questions such as “What happens if I never get married?”and  "am I valuable if I don’t have a mate?”

"Just so good.This is by far my favorite book on singlehood. There's a depth portrayed here that is rare, a depth that only comes from lots of wrestling & lots of tears. Thus, qualifying the author to write on this extremely painful place for people that long to be married. The book is written with an overall perspective of hope,& it is also REALLY funny... which helps immensely. I recommend this for anyone who has been single while desiring marriage or cares about single people.'"





"What a great book. I laughed I cried & then I cried some more. I so appreciated her candidness. How refreshing and how healing to my heart."

"Words fail in decribing the excellence of this book.  It is truly spectacular. It is an amazing combination of hilarious & profound. For older singles, it is incredibly validating & deeply encouraging (often bringing me to tears). It is rare that I say everybody should read a book, but I genuinely think everybody should read this book. Buy one for yourself & one to share with a friend and one to put in your church library. What this book has to say has been needed for some time, and it's an extra bonus that it's so incredibly fun to read."

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"I have to tell you. This book surprised me. It surprised me because it’s so incredibly well written. It contains gems . . . gems of humor and insight." - Frank Viola, bestselling author

"So many authors writing on being single either gloss over the hard times or move toward complaint and bitterness. Kate avoids both extremes. She gives a much needed voice & validation to the hurt and lonliness of being single and shares her deepest desires with refreshing vulberability & honesty.  She does that well, but just as important, Kate shares a deeper picture of God working in her life in ways that redeem & transcend the marital status, about  intentionally cultivating family and community."

"I've found it. (Finally!) The best book on singleness. Ever."

-Simple Felicty Blog

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